UX Ladder
- Elevating design careers

UXINDIA 2016 is introducing 'UXLadder', a one of a kind unconference on design careers. UXLadder is a series of audience driven discussions, where experts/mentors from the industry address questions and challenges faced by UX talent in advancing their career.

This unconference runs in three tracks for our audience at various levels in their UX career.

  • UX ESSENTIALS for Beginners and Entry level

    What do UX Managers look when they hire designers?

    • Learn about latest trends in UX hiring, portfolio tips and interview prep.
    • Get insights into how to thrive and move higher up

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  • UX MASTERY for Mid to Senior Level

    Which path should I take? IC or Management?

    • Learn about the qualities they see in prospects to hire or promote to senior roles
    • Get insights into the strategies and attitude required to showcase performance

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  • UX VISIONARY for Management & Leadership

    How to elevate yourself to UX Leadership?

    • Learn about the qualities and qualifications to get to leadership roles, both IC and Management.
    • Get insights into the strategies required to showcase achievements and bring visibility

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This program is a payback from UXINDIA for all the love and support we have been receiving from our growing base of loyal audience over the past decade. We gather questions in advance from our audience which will be answered by our experts at the conference besides any other live questions.