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UXINDIA is a confluence of thought leadership in design from the industry, the institution and the individual to ignite, inspire and delight communities through design-driven social change. It is a platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for better living by bringing the three essential pillars together. Educational institutions, industries and international alliances need to work together to drive innovation and business by design.

User experience design is an approach to the design of products and services with a strong focus on the experience and impact it creates for the people who use them. UXINDIA is organized by UsabilityMatters.Org(UMO) in association with various partners and sponsors every year to a great response and participation.

UXINDIA 2016 theme: Impact by Design


From spreading knowledge, to raising design quotient, and then to creating lasting impact, UXINDIA 2016 brings the focus on the next crucial phase in our collective UX journey - Impact by Design. This milestone conference opens a new chapter for UX in India.

We are in the midst of the IT consumerization wave, and enterprises are growingly realising the competitive differentiation UX could bring to their businesses. The impact of UX on the customer experience and financial performance of businesses is often discussed but is not a common knowledge yet. It is in the interest of the UX and design community to bring stories of design impact on the financial success of a business, on the functional aspects of products and process, and also on the emotional aspects of the people in a positive way. The success of what we do as designers depend on how we drive our efforts forward and convert them into results that create measurable impact.

The influence of design is not just limited to enterprise IT anymore. Design in it's various forms across industries, be it Industrial Design, Architecture, Retail, Fashion, Manufacturing, Automotive, etc., has evolved from being a speciality discipline to something that is more powerful and influential in tying businesses together end to end. Design in its various forms like Customer Experience, User Experience, Digital Experience, Product Design, Innovation, etc., is now influencing every aspect of business and addressing every touch point impacting the overall customer experience and the business bottom line.

UXINDIA 2016 will bring design driven and successful individuals, influencers, business leaders, leaders from governance and consumers to the conference. They will share their stories showcasing the impact design has had on the functional and financial aspects of their business, and also on the emotional aspects of their customers. The conference will also highlight the positive influence design has had on the people, processes, practices and organizations.

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The Programs

This year's conference is designed to address the role design could play beyond the boundaries of its practice and business. UXINDIA 2016 brings you a rich mix of experiences and insights from inspirational speakers and thought leaders who have been stretching the business of design effectively. From crafting great consumer experiences to inspiring business and governance, UXINDIA 2016 aims at inspiring you to play a bigger role as design thinkers and practitioners in impacting the lives of people and communities.


Women in Design

This unique, first of a kind and introductory segment on Women in Design brings women entrepreneurs, business leaders, design thinkers and innovators showcase their stories involving women at the helm of affairs more...


UX clinic

First launched at UXINDIA 2014 conference, UX Clinic program helps startups and businesses diagnose their product and service ideas for UX issues and get guidance in creating delightful customer experiences for business success more...


Industry + Academia Fusion

UX India over years has been bringing educational institutes, industry and thought leaders in design to collaborate and cross-pollinate ideas. Into it’s second year Industry + Academia Fusion connects enthusiasm and ideas from the academia with experience and expertise from the industry to bring mutual value and drive sustained innovation more...


Talent Fair

UXIndia launches the first UX Talent Fair to address the needs of businesses and startups in sourcing great design talent. It connects UX India’s great design talent with region's great employers and recruiters for networking, awareness and hiring opportunities more...

About UMO

UsabilityMatters.Org, UMO is a non-profit organization working towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interaction between designers and design sensitive consumers for over a decade. It is a forum dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of design community in India.

UMO strives to provoke thinking among our peers, to extend the limits of the accepted boundaries for creating a better environment through UXIndia conference and its various round the year programs.

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