Speak at - UXINDIA 2016

We are in the midst of the IT consumerization wave, and enterprises are growingly realising the competitive differentiation UX could bring to their businesses. The impact of UX on the customer experience and financial performance of businesses is often discussed but is not a common knowledge yet. It is in the interest of the UX and design community to bring stories of design impact on the financial success of a business, on the functional aspects of products and process, and also on the emotional aspects of the people in a positive way. The success of what we do as designers depend on how we drive our efforts forward and convert them into results that create measurable impact.

Submit your talk or workshop at UXINDIA 2016 : Driving value through customer experience

Submit your talk or workshop at UXINDIA 2016 : Driving value through customer experience

Submit your talk or workshop at UXINDIA 2016 : Driving value through customer experience

Submit your talk or workshop at UXINDIA 2016 : Driving value through customer experience

The Event

From spreading knowledge, to raising design quotient, and then to creating lasting impact, UXINDIA brings the focus to the next crucial phase in our collective UX journey - the impact of design. This milestone conference opens a new chapter for design in India that has taken an expressway to innovation by design. This is particularly significant in the context of India, given its deep rooted social cultural fabric of influence on the way we design and consume our products and vice versa, i.e., the influence of technology on our tradition and culture in turn.

Date and Venue

20th, 21st & 22nd October 2016.


The theme for this year is Impact by Design. UXINDIA 2016 brings design driven and successful individuals, influencers, business leaders, leaders from governance and consumers to the conference to share their stories of ‘Impact by Design’. That the influence and impact of design is not just limited to the UX and UI of products. We are interested in stories that highlight the impact of design on any aspect of our business, our living and on our socio-cultural aspects.

Design in its various forms like Customer Experience, User Experience, Digital Experience, Product Design, Innovation, etc., is now influencing every aspect of business and addressing every touch point impacting the overall customer experience and the business bottom line. The influence is spreading across industries, be it Industrial Design, Architecture, Retail, Fashion, Manufacturing, Automotive, etc.,

Your Story of Impact

We are interested in you story showcasing the impact design has had on the product/service, functional, financial aspects of your business, and on the emotional aspects of your customers. We will have four tracks and invite speakers to submit their proposal on any of the following tracks.

  1. Impact by Design Leadership

    Target: For aspiring design leaders

    It will inspire our aspiring leaders on how to influence the organization at the highest level by demonstrating the impact of design on people, processes and business in terms of revenue generated and/or money saved by design. Your presentation will be based on a real project or a case study from your org. to help our audience with right strategies. This is a crucial track and is relevant to the needs and aspirations of our large audience base ready for leadership roles.

    Submit Talk by Aug 20

  2. Impact by Design - Advanced

    Target: For mid to senior level designers and aspirants looking to uplevel their game

    This track showcases exciting projects that focus on delivering business results through Digital Transformation and/or Customer Experience. Your presentation will be based on a real project or case study covering the strategies of engagement with various business stakeholders in understanding, influencing and measuring the impact of design on the overall customer experience of a product or service. It will highlight the strategies effective in influencing all key touch points in the customer journey of a business and in measuring the business generated/ money saved .

    Submit Talk by Aug 20

  3. Impact by Design

    Target: For junior to mid level designers

    Your presentation based on a real project or a case study will help our audience with strategies around research, insights and product instrumentation to measure the impact of design on the product UX, on the business aspects like lead generation, conversion and customer satisfaction. This will inspire our designers to become better business thinkers and produce designs that are not only great at UX but also have a positive, measurable business impact.

    Submit Talk by Aug 20

  4. Impact by Women in Design

    Target: For all participants

    UX India celebrates success stories of women in design to inspire our audience for achieving greater success in driving businesses by design. Your story based on a real project that is driven by women, would either highlight the impact created by design leadership, or highlight the impact and influence of design and research on product/service.

    Submit Talk by Aug 20

Our audience

  • UX Design Professionals
  • Front End Developers and Programmers
  • Design Students
  • Managers and Executives
  • Bootstrappers and startups
  • Entrepreneurs, both established and aspiring
  • Educators
  • Government innovators
  • Non-profit and social impact leaders

Just as our audience is incredibly diverse, we are looking for speaker candidates from all over the world and from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, or age.